The Rolla Rockets are a group of highly dedicated athletes that work to promote
and develop strength of will, character, and body. We believe in pushing the limits
of what is possible and encouraging our members and fans to be the best they can
      We are passionate about the sport of roller derby and enjoy partnering with our
community to bring excitement and joy to everyone involved: those who watch,
those who skate, and those who support us to make all that possible.

     At each bout, we highlight a local charity or non-profit and donate a portion of our
ticket sales; we are proud that we can have a tangible, positive impact in our area.
We strive to be the best examples we can be to our community and hope to inspire
future generations to explore their dreams, challenge themselves to try new things,
and be proud of their accomplishments.

      We love highlighting local supportive businesses and individuals so we can draw
attention to the hard work that you do every day.

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